Serbia is the winner!

The final battle of the first ATP Cup 2020 took place in Sydney, Australia on Sunday 12/1/2020. Serbia was the winner with Novak Djokovic marking his 56th victory over No. 1 Rafael Nadal.

Already in the semifinals, Djokovic had a good appearance as he took their first clear victory at the singles with a 6-2 boosting the gap between his country ‘s victories against the Spaniards at 29-25 and then in the tie-break he managed to counterbalance with a 1-1.

In doubles, it was decided that the two of the world’s top players would work with teammates Viktor Troicki (Djokovic) and Pablo Karenio Busta (Nadal). Novak collaborating with Troicki defeated Felitiano Lopez and Pablo Karenio Busta 6-3 6-4 and this defeat highlighted the result.

The game had therefore a scent of a championship and that determined the success of the first ATP Cup!




maria chamilakiSerbia is the winner!