ATP Finals – Day 4

Game number 2 for Stephanos Tsitsipas at ATP Finals, with the 21-year-old facing the current title holder Alexander Zverev at 22:00 Greek time. The German has already shown in his first game against Nadal that he has come to London to win the title again, playing excellent tennis. Prehistory however is on the side of the Greek champion who has won the last 3 games out of a total of 4 games played.

In the game that opens the schedule of the day, the losers of the first leg Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev definitely want the victory to hope for a qualification in the semifinals. The Spaniard wants the win even more to earn the points needed to keep him at the top of the world rankings.

In yesterday’s games, a stunning Dominic Thiem overturned Novak Djokovic, securing his place in the semifinals. With that victory, he leads Federer and Djokovic to a win or loss match on Thursday, as the loser will bid farewell to the tournament.

Source: nittoatpfinals
Cover Photo: Will Oliver / EPA

stratos chiotisATP Finals – Day 4