BNB Paribas Open Cancelled due to Coronavirus!

Despite the expectations for the beggining of this year’s BNB Paribas Open in California’s Indian Wells, the tournament has been postponed lately because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, while most players, including Nadal, had already arrived in California.

Health officials have said that the risk of such a high concentration is high and it is neither the players ‘nor the spectators’ interest to take it at this time. The organizers, however, committed to a timely transfer of the tournament at the future.

The final decision for the cancellation of the tournament appears to have been made following the emergence of a coronavirus in the wider area of the Coachella Valley. On the other hand, the tournament attracts 400,000 fans each year and therefore according to the local community the risk is high and needs strict prevention.



maria chamilakiBNB Paribas Open Cancelled due to Coronavirus!