Breathless.. at the Australian Open 2020!

Australian Open 2020 beggins tomorrow in Melbourne but not on the best of terms as the atmosphere has been heavily contaminated by wildfires in Victoria and that reflect on the feasibility of making the Grand Slam itself.

Following the collapse of many athletes on the court, such as Slovakia’s Dalila Jakupovic, whose collapse made the round of the world, anger has erupted among the contestants and the organisation administrator, complaining about the conditions in which they are competing and that there is not enough precaution. However, tensions have also surfaced among the athletes as lesser-known athletes have accused those in the higher ranks who are the biggest influencers that they are blindfolded in order not to lose their excessive pay.

Rodger Federer, Rafael Nadal and the seven-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic, who is also the president of the Tennis Athletics Association, have been on fire. Federer, however, denied their indignation and stressed the need to find a solution that is beneficial to everyone, while Djokovic said a council would be set up before launch to decide whether delays would occur until the atmosphere was cleared. From the part of women n. 5 Elina Svitolina  publicly expressed her concern about the health of athletes, suggesting early intervention.

On the other hand, organizer Craig Tiley said that the contamination had not exceeded the threshold set by the authorities responsible for atmospheric contamination, which is 200 (PM), and criticized the incorrect and invalid way of transmitting the information. However, he also left open the possibility of race delays due to the unprecedented air pollution.



maria chamilakiBreathless.. at the Australian Open 2020!