Coronavirus- Djokovic 1-0

Djokovic couldn’t stay undefeated either by coronavirus. Just yesterday, the news broke in the tennis world that he and his wife, after returning to Serbia from Croatia, were found positive in covid-19 while their children were negative in the first tests.

The incident provoked several reactions, while the arrows were fired at Djokovic as the latter was recently the organizer of the Adria Tour in Croatia, an event that ended ingloriously last weekend after the announcement that Grigor Dimitrov, one of the contestants, is positive in the coronavirus.

Djokovic quickly apologized through his personal instagram account, noting that he deeply regretted that a charity sporting event had become dangerous for public health and claimed responsibility for “hasty” decisions and misjudgment of the current conditions.

However, Djokovic made no statement about the allegations of irresponsibility after the match at the Adria Tour where he was seen having fun in a club without following the necessary precautions for coronavirus. Can a public “sorry” repay the emotional price of this attitude of one of the most important chapters of the tennis worldwide? The position of responsibility though has a bigger inpact on Djokovic than the disease …



maria chamilakiCoronavirus- Djokovic 1-0