Djokovic the invincible!

A very productive year marked Djokovic after his fifth win at the Duty Free Tennis Championships in Dubai to complete his 79th victory in level of tournament matches. His sweeping pass that led to the ATP Cup, Australian Open with 21 wins in 21 consecutive games brought him to the top with 18-0.

Naturally, his victories have also boosted his confidence as evidenced by his statement that his next goal is not to allow himself to be defeated at all in the upcoming season. As arrogant as it sounds, this statement made by Novak has serious grounds to make since it is the seventh time after 2011 when Djokovic has had a series of consecutive (over 20) wins.

So Novak has every reason to be motivated to continue his dynamic course and to constantly justify the position of the place No. 1 he holds rightfully. After all, primacy is not only about apotheosis but also about maintaining it!



maria chamilakiDjokovic the invincible!