Epic win for Stefanos!!!

Stefanos Tsitsipas, with an amazing performance, stood opposite his idol, Roger Federer, and managed to win him for the first time in his career, quilifying for the best 8 of the Australian Open.

The game was thrilling from the start till the finish, with 3/4 sets being judged at the tie break.

The first set went with the two athletes not being able to break the opponent’s serve, and the Swiss winning the tie break with 7-6(11).

Tsitsipas was not affected, and continued to successfully defend his service. And the second set was led to the tie break, but this time, the Greek champion won with 7-3.

In the third set, the 20-year-old tennis player managed to break for the first and last time in the match the Swiss serve, at the most decisive point of the match, taking the set with 7-5.

The fourth set, went exactly as the second, with Tsitsipas winning once again in the super tie break with 7-6(5) and reaching its most important career victory.

Source:, Tennis Australia
Cover Image: Luke Hemer / Tennis Australia

userEditorEpic win for Stefanos!!!