Federed & Nadal play for Africa!

51,954 spectators enjoyed a unique match in Cape Town, Africa on Friday between the two top tennis players of all time and well-known rivals, R. Federer and R. Nadal, breaking the largest spectator record in the history of tennis.

Federer dominated the match 6-4, 3-6, 6-3 while in doubles he worked with Bill Gates! Nadal, on the other hand, competed with the famous South African comedian Trevor Noah. The fact that the game had a scent of celebrity certainly contributed to the raising of the huge sum of money.

It was not only the record breaking view but the prizes as players managed to raise the staggering amount of $ 3 million that was given to charity, and in particular to the needs of the Rodger Federer Foundation, which is working to improve the living conditions and the education of African children.

All the contestants were very excited about the race in the country for which it was organized but also for their rivals, some of whom they met again (Federer / Nadal) while the guest celebrities won the love of the public!


image: https://www.gettyimages



stratos chiotisFedered & Nadal play for Africa!