Federer-Djokovic Wimbledon final 2019!

Federer won 7-6 (3), 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals on Friday, and he gain a 12th place finish in the Wimbledon final tournament where he will be confronted with No. 1 in the world ranking Novak Djokovic.

He said:

“It’s always great to play against Rafa here, especially since it’s been a long time since we played here again. The climax was at the end, with the crazy last game. She had everything in the end, which was great. I’m just relieved that everything has reached this point. He will definitely end up as one of my favorite races to recapture because he is with Rafa, he is at Wimbledon where the crowd is very warm and playful and with very good weather. I felt like I played well throughout the four tournaments. I’m happy  about it.”

The 37 year old becomes the third oldest in the Open Era (1968) to reach the final Grand Slam. We look forward to tomorrow’s fight against the 4-time winner of the Novak Djokovic tournament.




alexandra mpampaliFederer-Djokovic Wimbledon final 2019!