Federer’s Victory and statements.

Roger Federer’s victory over Nick Kyrgios with 3-0 sets for the third round of the US Open.

The holder of 20 Grand Slam titles also spoke about Nick’s report on his face, who said among others that Federer is a source of inspiration for him.

In detail what he said:

“Regarding what Nick said before, if I can be a little source of inspiration and encouragement for young tennis players, it’s great.

For the game now, watching Nick play, you feel he wants to criticize himself when he loses. This is his way. Sometimes the stadium does not fit him. Ηe wants to shout, to talk badly.

But if the game does go well, he is great. If he finds your weaknesses he will “kill you”. When serving well,the game goes well.

His service is a very important element when he fights in the game. Today he was good at the beginning of the game, he played well, but then I grew up in the race and I am quite pleased that I was able to qualify without losing set. “

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