“Goodbye” of a legend…

One of the greatest athletes of his generation, Andy Murray announced a few hours ago at a press conference before the Australian Open that he plans to retire after this year’s Wimbledon but he is afraid the Australian Open next week could be the final tournament of his career.

The holder of three Grand Slam titles, was quite emiotonal, had to leave the room first to calm down, before returning and declaring among others:

“I’m not sure I’m able to play with this pain for another four or five months,” said the 31-year-old Brit.

“I want to get to Wimbledon and stop, but I’m not sure I can do that.”

However, Murray intends to play in the opening game for the first round of the Australian Open against Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut, No. 22 of the board next week.

The former No. 1 in the world had a right hip surgery last January and has played 14 games since returning to the sport last June.

“I’m in too much pain for the last 20 months, I’ve done almost everything I could to try to relieve my hip pain”

“I’m in a better position than six months ago, but I still hurt a lot. I can still play on a good level, but not at the level I would like and I’m used to. ”

Source: Jonathan Jurejko, BBC Sport
Cover Image: Scott Barbour / Getty Images

userEditor“Goodbye” of a legend…