Murray returns where he stopped!!!

The British tennis player, the world’s past No1 in rankings, wants to return dynamically after his long absence from the courts due to his hip injury. And he chooses to return where he was injured last January before his opening game at the Brisbane International in 2018.

The winner of three Grand Slam titles made a flashback of his career after his injury and referred to the goals he has set.

“There are still things I want to achieve; if I’m capable of doing them, is something I do not really know,” said the Australian Open’s five-time finalist.

“I do not deserve to have one, but looking back I wish I could play some of these games again and play them differently.”

“I would also like to win the French Open, but because I was so close (Australian Open) is what I would like to win the most if I could.”

Murray played in just six tournaments in 2018, falling to No 256 in the world ranking and will certainly be unseeded at Brisbane International, with the first tournament games starting this Monday.

The 31-year-old tennis player does not regret his refusal to stop the sport, saying he was sure he would return to the highest level and claim titles like he did in the past.

“I owe it to myself to give him the best opportunity to come back to a level that I would be happy with.”

“I am in a position to compete at a high level, but I have to support it in consecutive days – that’s the challenge.”

Murray chose to return to Brisbane, in a tournament where he is undefeated having won the 2012 and 2013 titles, wanting to regain his old good self.

“That was obviously for me, perhaps, the best place in my career,” he said. “I like the tournament very much, the conditions are perfect, I like the courts, I like the audience.”

“I’m happy to play here and I hope I can play again.”

Source: Tennis Australia, Laine Clarke, AAP
Cover Image: Tennis Photo Network

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