Nadal talks about Federer

Rafael Nadal knows what to expect for the Friday match at the Wimbledon semifinals against Federer, as this will be their 40th meeting.

Nadal said:

“[To] play against Roger always is a unique situation. Excited to be back on this court against him after 11 years. Means a lot for me and probably for him, too,” Nadal said.

“Excited about this match, excited about this opportunity to be again in that round against him. Always I say the same: of course, the opportunities to play against each other every time are less, but we are still here. After tomorrow we are going to have another chance.

“I just expect to play against probably the best player in the history of this surface and know that I have to play my best if I want to have chances to try to be in that final.”


Cover Image: AP

alexandra mpampaliNadal talks about Federer