Ready to qualify!!!

A great start fro the Greek national team at Davis Cup, as Michalis Pervolarakis prevailed 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-1 over his opponent from Luxembourg, thus making the score 1-0 for our country.

If Stefanos Tsitsipas also wins in the following game, we will have taken the first step in qualifying from Davis Cup 3rd Division to the 2nd one.

Remember that the matches are held at the Tatoi Club, and our biggest opponent in the Group is Poland, which we will face tomorrow.

The schedule of the games is as follows:

Wednesday (11/09):
Greece – Luxembourg
Poland – Monaco
Estonia – Northern Macedonia
Latvia – Montenegro

Thursday (12/09):
Greece – Poland
Monaco – Luxembourg
Estonia – Latvia
Northern Macedonia – Montenegro

Friday (13/09):
Greece – Monaco
Luxembourg – Poland
Estonia – Montenegro
Latvia – Northern Macedonia

* Saturday (14/09) will be the playoff and standings in the Davis Cup 3rd Division.


stratos chiotisReady to qualify!!!