Sakkari’s sweeping victory at the Australian Open

The postponement of the Greek’s tennis match on Monday seems to have in no way knocked out Maria Sakkari who easily took the victory over the Russian .

The 24-year-old Greek went into the game determined and cleared the match in just 63 minutes with a 2-0 set (6-2.6-2). In the first set, Shakari started with a break (2-0) and quickly broke for the second time her opponent’s serve at 5-2 to close the set after 34 minutes. Nothing really changed in the second set where Sakkari won 3-0 gamew and 5-2 very quickly, without much pressure, thus winning.

This was an ideal start for Sakkari, who continues at the Australian Open and in the second round on Wednesday, January the 22th, will be called upon to face Japan’s Noah Himbino, the world’s No. 104.



agni varthalitiSakkari’s sweeping victory at the Australian Open