Stefanos is heading for Monte Carlo all the way

The Greek tennis player, Stefanos Tsitsipas, will find himself for the second time after long time in the dirt ground of the Monte Carlo Masters tournament, but this time he will not watch the tournament’s progress but he will fight for himself.

The 20-year-old champion was previously in Monte Carlo’s first Masters. More specifically, at the age of 8 Stephanos decided to travel to Monaco to watch with his father, the season’s tournament on the soil.

Tsitsipas will fight for the first time in the soil and the Monte Carlo Masters, as he will make the premiere of tomorrow at the double next to the dynamic 35-year-old Dutch tennis player Matwe Middelkoop. Both of them will be confronted by the very good tennis players Nikola Mektic and Franko Skugor, around 14:00 Greek time.

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elena kelliStefanos is heading for Monte Carlo all the way