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Rafael Nadal’s barrier was ultimately insuperable for Stefanos Tsitsipas, who didn’t manage to be competitive in his first Grand Slam semi-final of his career.

The entry of the two athletes on the pitch.

The 32-year-old Spaniard continued his stunning appearances in Melbourne, leaving no room for Stefanos Tsitsipas to challenge his superiority at any point in the game.

The best highilights of the game

“Honestly, I have no idea what I can keep from this game,” admitted Tsitsipas. “It’s not that I was too close to get to something. I only got six games from this game. I feel very strange. I am satisfied with my performance in this tournament, but at the same time I feel disappointed. I feel I could do something better today. I do not know. So I felt. But it is a very, very strange feeling. I almost felt like I could not play better.”

It was definitely a very good lesson for Tsitsipas, who has all the future ahead of him and it is certain that if he continues his hard work he will arrive very soon in a Grand Slam final.

20-year-old Tsitsipas was trying to become the third player to beat Roger Federer (4th round) and Nadal in the same tournament. To date, the only players who have defeated both superstars in the same tournament are Juan Martin del Potro at the US Open 2009 and Djokovic at the US Open 2011.

You can see all the statements of the Greek champion from the press conference that followed in the following video:

Shortly afterwards, Stefanos Tsitsipas said through his official Twitter account “Big applause and congrats to Rafael Nadal and his whole team for bringing tennis to another dimension. His game is more than inspiring to me. I really hope to get closer next time. Big thanks to everyone for your support these two weeks here in Melbourne. I love this city!”

Source:, Tennis Australia
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