The earnings of the Big 4

ATP recently published the payoffs of the big four tennis players of the generation. Among them is R. Nadal, who is considered to be the most expensive player for this year with a 16.5m € cassette with a total of bonuses and thus coming in second after N. Djokovic’s historic pay in 2015 of 21.6m. €.  Indeed, his pay is considered to be the third best  in ATP history to date.

Of course, the pay isn’t necessarily identical to the titles or finals a player can reach or even the ranking he or she can have worldwide. R. Nadal, for example, only participated in 13 tournaments and did not spend his most productive year in terms of titles and finals. But overall, his performance was stunning as he was the champion four times, once runner-up and was proved semifinalist seven times .

   The fees have changed quite a bit in recent years in tennis as the athletes themselves have observed. It is now easier for “smaller” ranked athletes to reach a higher cassette and to live more comfortably. However, to date only the top four have managed to exceed 10m € on an annual basis while all cases have been in the last years since 2012.



maria chamilakiThe earnings of the Big 4