The King of Roland Garros



Rafael Nadal won his 11th title in Roland Garros and the 17th Grand Slam of his career. He confirmed for another year his superiority in the soil, defeating Dominic Thiem with 6-4, 6-3, 6-2.

This is a unique record that we will probably have to wait for many years to see breaking by someone! The next Grand Slam record is Roger Federer’s 8 trophies at Wimbledon.

Furthermore, Nadal reached 17 Grand Slam trophies in his career, narrowing his gap from the champion of history, Federer (20). He also moved away from the third on the list, Pete Sampras, who finished his career with 14 Grand Slam titles. He also manages to remain at No. 1 in the world ranking.

Thiem had stated before the final that he knows what he has to do to win Nadal, but today the Spanish player was excellent with his own rhythm, “hitting” the Austrian player on his weak points.


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