Tsitsipa’s King in Milan!

A year ago, Stephanos Tsitsipas participated in the Next Gen ATP Finals as an alternate. A year later, he managed five successive victories to become champion in Milan and the world’s best tennis player under the age of 21! The Greek champion, in the Next Gen ATP Finals final, he once again impressed the world by winning the Australian Minaur with 2-4, 4-1, 4-3 (3), 4-3 (3).

With this victory, the Greek champion has completed an amazing year, which began from number 91, with just four victories in the Tour. In 2018 he finished racing with the Next Gen ATP Finals, with five wins in a week, and he had participated in the finals of Barcelona and Toronto, where he won successively four of the top ten players in the world ranking and the Open of the Stockholm Open!

The top Greek tennis player, winning the second ATP title in a matter of days, once again proved that he now belongs to the world tennis elite and after awarding the title he said “I am grateful to have been able to participate in the Next Gen ATP Finals I became the second athlete to conquer the event “leaving promises for even better performances in the future. “It’s a special moment, I think I will get the confidence of all this and I will be able to play even better in the future.”

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