Tsitsipas returns to the courts at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown

The Greek champion is looking in great shape as he has won 2 out of 2 in first games, in his return to the courts in the newly formed tournament called Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS).

The idea and organization of this tournament comes from the coach of Stefanos, Patrick Mouratoglou, who has long been a supporter of the modernization of the sport and through this tournament he wants to attract more and younger fans.

UTS matches consist of four 10-minute games in which players serve alternately for 2 consecutive times, with sudden death available if the score is 2-2 after the first four games.

There is a time limit of 15 seconds between points, and players have the opportunity to use “UTS Cards” to give themselves an advantage. These include cutting one’s opponent’s service by one, increasing their own service by one, or scoring more than one point in a winner.

Coaches are meanwhile able to use a bomber to call a 30-second break to advise players once in each game, which viewers can hear about the purposes of tactical knowledge. Mouratoglou acknowledged that this is the UTS rule that would be most applicable to traditional tennis if given the choice.

Everyone has a “wallet” associated with their global rankings, ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 30,000, with the winner taking 70 percent and the lost 30 percent from the combined pot.

Mouratoglou stresses that he does not want to change tennis and envisions UTS running alongside the ATP and WTA program as a means of expanding the base of fans of the sport.

Source: Sky Sports / Cameron Hogwood
Cover Photo: Simon Cambers

stratos chiotisTsitsipas returns to the courts at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown