Winner Sandgren at ASB Classic!

In today’s final of ASB Classic, Sandgren, 27, managed to reach the top, winning the first title of his career. The American beat 6-4, 6-2 Norrie in 79 minutes. It is worth noting that we met Sandgren a year ago through his very good career at the Australian Open, which continues to this day with outstanding performance. With this victory Sandgren from No. 63 in the World Ranking will climb to No. 41, while Norrie from No. 93 will be driven to No. 68.

Sandgren said, “I’ve lost my words, honestly, a lot of work, a lot of workout, a lot of sacrifices to get to this final and to win, I’m speechless, I’m just grateful to be out here, to play and to compete I’ve had some injuries so being healthy and playing well makes me feel beautiful ”


userEditorWinner Sandgren at ASB Classic!