Zverev’s Achievements vs «Big 4»

Alexander Zverev at the age of 21 won the most important title of his career at ATP Finals on Sunday. This was his 10th career title, winning 3 Masters titles, having 23 wins against Top 10 players, 175 career wins, and No. 3 his career high.

For these reasons, ATP compared his achievements with those of “Big 4” when they were in his age.

In detail, all four of the most important tennis players of the season had managed to make so early in their career:

1) Rafael Nadal: The most successful tennis player at this age had managed to win 23 titles, reaching 254 career victories and being No. 2 in the world ranking. It is worth mentioning that there were 3 Grand Slam and 9 Masters among his titles!
Fewer than 200 tennis tennis players have won so many games that Nadal had won at the age of 21.

2) Novak Djokovic: He had about the same achievements as Zverev. He had won 11 titles, he had reached up to No. 3 in the world and had 185 career wins. He was a few days younger than Zverev, when he had won his first ATP Finals and had reached the No. 3 ATP World Ranking.

3) Roger Federer: The player with the best stats of all time is known to haven’t started his career so impressively. At the age of Zverev, the Swiss had a career high in No. 4 in the world, six titles just six times in ATP tournaments, unlike the German who has won 10 titles so far and 178 wins.

4) Andy Murray: He had come to No. 4 in the world and had 155 wins, 20 less than the German. Among the 8 titles, there were 2 Masters, Cincinnati and Madrid. He also fought his first major final at this age at the US Open.

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